Book Synopsis

This is the ultimate angel health reference book. The premise here is that we are not alone. Each of us has access to divine healing and guidance from the first responders of the heavenly realms: the angels.

This is a book that explains how to tap into the healing power of angels and how angel power can help overcome specific ailment by expanding consciousness.

Included are 30 "Personal Angel Prescriptions" that help readers overcome real-life challenges. The cures include meditations, visualizations, prayers, and specific action plans.

The book is organized into three sections:

1.  Access angel power: tips and tools for connecting with the angelic realm.

2.  Your personal angel cures: an entire range of angelic healing modalities and blessings as well as 30 specific angel prescriptions for healing a wide range of ailments.

3.  How to make angels an integral part of your daily life.

This is a book of hope, help, and healing. It is for anyone who is looking for a little assistance from the heavenly realms.

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Hampton Roads Publishing
September 1, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-64297-002-9
Pages: 192

Author Biography

Rev. Dr. Kimberly Marooney has a BA in music performance from San Diego State University and is an ordained intra-spiritual minister. She has an MA and PhD from Gateway University and was appointed president of Gateway University in 2016. Originally published in 1995, her Angel Blessings Cards have sold over 250,000 copies.

Kimberly lives in Port Angeles, WA with her surfer husband and the heavenly host.

Photo credit: Cristina Burke, Divine Healing Light.
A Conversation with Kimberly Marooney
How did angels come into your life?

They started appearing to me in my early 20's. At first, they were giving me comfort during difficult times. Then they started offering me messages of love and healing energy. That escalated into experiences of oneness and requests that I co-create with them. When the angels want to bring a new energy to earth, I'm one of their go-to creative partners.

What was your most powerful experience with angels?

I had been sick for four years. I had gone from a happy, vibrant stockbroker with my short silk skirts and corner offer, to a pitiful lump of flesh lying on the sofa with a pillow over my head because light and sound hurt. All I could do was pray. I'd even lost the ability to read! One day, I dropped into a scary prayer, "Lord, I don't care what happens to me. All that matters is that I feel your love NOW." I poured every part of my being into this prayer. In response, the ceiling opened and the Heavenly Host came into my living room. I felt held in an embrace of divine love that took away my pain and stopped my suffering. In this embrace, the angels invited me telepathically to co-create a Bridge to Spirit. Of course, I said yes. Miracles started to happen immediately. I was referred to a doctor who figured out what was wrong with me and started treatment. Archangel Raphael introduced himself to me as he guided my healing. Angel Zacharael taught me about surrender. Archangel Zadkiel inspired my prayer. One by one, I met the 44 angels that went onto the pages of Angel Blessings Cards of Scared Guidance and Inspiration, which has benefited more than 300,000 readers in 16 languages and is truly a bridge to spirit.

Do we all have teams of angels supporting us?

YES! Angels are real. Angels have been with us since the dawn of human beings. We can find evidence of them in ancient cave paintings and myths. Everyone has heard of

Guardian Angels. We all have a guardian Angel. In addition, we are all connected with an Archangel! Most people know about Archangel Michael who keeps us safe and rescues us. He does far more than that. Archangel Raphael heals us. Archangel Gabriel guides our soul calling. Archangel Jophiel inspires us with creative power. Archangel Uriel responds with unconditional love when we are desperate. Some us have Seraphim, the most powerful love angels. Some of use ARE Seraphim! We all have a team of angels who guide, comfort, protect, nurture, and provide.

Can you give us an example of an Angel Healing Remedy?

We've been taught to think of our health issues as symptoms. A fever is a symptom that something is out of balance and heat will correct it. I'm a doctor of Spiritual Psychology. Counseling many people, I've seen how this extends into our lives. Financial distress is a symptom that you have false beliefs in scarcity and limitation that a revised belief in abundance will correct.  Losing your job or home is a symptom that new opportunity, more closely aligned with your heart and soul is waiting for you. In The Little Book of Angel Healing, there are 30 remedies. Each remedy tells a story that you may relate to so you can find the right one. Angels enter the story, inviting you to new perspectives on your symptom. As a doctor, I've written an Angel Prescription that is your call to action, guiding you into direct, personal experiences with your Master Self to restore peace, rejuvenate your body to health, correct conflict and misunderstanding in relationships, relieve challenging situations, and provide creative solutions that never would have occurred to you. This is Angel Healing. Each remedy is sealed with a blessing or prayer that guides you into an open heart experience that yes, the angels are present. Each time we experience angels, or our Master Self, or the Creator Source of All-That-Is, we are restored.

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Markedly above the rest. — Body Mind Spirit

I was absolutely blown away. — New Age Retailer

The most profound and knowledgeable about the Angels. — Virginia Drake, transformational counselor


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